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Ride Updates

May 02, 4:57PM Comments Off

CCC Youth Mountain Bike Program 2016

CCC/Pedal Pushers Youth Mountain Bike Program 2016-REGISTER ONLINE NOW-FREE JERSEY DEADLINE MARCH 1st


CCC Youth Team

CCC Devo 2 Team


CCC Youth Team


Last year the program did sell out so we recommend registering as soon as online registration opens.


Monday nights 6-7:30PM ( Monday May 9th-Monday July 4th/2016). * program may get delayed depending on early spring trail conditions* . Trail maintenance day (mandatory) is Sunday May 1st (2-5PM)

Location: Highlands Nordic ( locations may change and two training nights will be pre riding the 6 Hours of Gibraltar race course at 3 stages)

CCC’s goal is to inspire youth to develop a passion in cycling and create a future generation of avid CCC cyclists. The focus of the program is safety, fun and mountain bike skill development, in that order. The focus is to have fun in a safe controlled environment with the focus on skill development and endurance. The team will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun team relay events, weekly race series (Hardwood Hills, Albion Hills) and some Ontario Cup events. The program is led by NCCP certified coach Noelle Wansbrough (pedal-pushers) and a variety of guides and volunteers with years of racing experience . Participants in the program must be able to ride at a level where they understand gear selection, general bike handling skills and are comfortable climbing hills and riding singletrack trails. If you are concerned whether or not your child is ready for our program please email your inquiry to nwansbrough@rogers.com.

Note that where there is significant demand we will try to add coaches and/or more volunteers to the program to create more space.

The components of our youth program include:

Sprockids (10-14 years): Focus on developing mountain bike skills to become competent cross country riders.

Devokids (12-18years): Ride n’ race program geared for riders developing intermediate/advanced skills. Kids participating in weekly race series, O’Cup race and team endurance events.

1. Skills & Drills

Skills & drills are the foundation of our program. In a safe environment we will focus on developing ability in balance, cornering, front wheel lifts and a variety of other components for navigating off road features.

2. Race tactics

Following the LTAD model of athlete development-Learning to Train and Learing to Race.

2. Trail Exploration & maintenance

Participants will be required to participate in a trail maintenance day at the beginning of the season. This is a great team bonding experience and allows the kids to learn trail maintenance skills while exporing the terrain they will be riding on.

Program Fee: (Early bird rate $100.00) $130.00 after Early bird deadline + OCA licence. Free jersey included for early bird registrants.

All children are required to to be CCC members to take part in the program. CCC youth membership is FREE ($55.00 value). Participants are required to purchase a OCA citizen license as part of the registration process. All riders must be C3 members and have an OCA citizen permit and waiver signed prior to riding. Parent volunteers must be CCC members to ride Monday nights. Register online with CCC.  

Devo 1 Team

Devo 1 Team


CCC Sprockids

6 Hours of Gibraltar

6 Hours of Gibraltar

CCC Youth Team-6 hours of Gibraltar

6 Hours of Gibraltar


Bikefit night-CCC Youth Team


CCC Youth Team Relay


CCC Youth Team Apres

CCC Youth Team Apres


Club News / Upcoming Events

June 26, 10:12AM Comments Off

Pedal Pushers Cycling training clinics, coaching

climbclinic corp tour

Clinics and private coaching geared towards cyclists looking to gain skills and efficiency on longer rides whether it’s a club ride, charity ride or Centurion event these clinics will help you ride longer, faster with less effort. Skills will include hill climb, descending techniques, group ride skills and gear selection. Snacks, drinks, goodie bag  included. Fully supported. Post ride health and wellness seminar. Register at pedal-pushers.ca

2017 Coming Soon:

Youth Program

Mtn Bike Clinics

Road Clinic (ladies only)

Gravel Grinder Clinic



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