The C3 Board has been preaching Tight and to the Right(TNR) for years now and we think this is a good time to remind our members why TNR is so important to us:


1) TNR is the safest way to get large groups of cyclists to share the roads with trucks and cars

2) TNR is half the length of single file groups therefore half the length and much easier to pass

3) 2 Abreast formations when done properly, namely actually ‘Tight and to the Right’ side of the road, leave the left side of the lane open for drivers to clearly see ahead to make safe lane changing passes

4) Steady and compact formations have a calming effect on passing motorists. When a group is moving in a steady, tight and predictable way and allowing for a clear view ahead, motorists are generally more appreciative and respectful. If you doubt this try to pass a messy formation on the road and see how frustrating that is. 

5) There is room within the HTA for acceptance of this style of riding. Recently the Attorney General’s office has stated that 2 abreast riding is legal but that riders must go single file when traffic is being obstructed. Obstruction is when a car can not pass due to traffic or lack of forward visibility. We think Tight and to the Right formations when done properly address the concerns of motorists. 

6) We think you should know that the C3 Board has been working hard to get this type of riding accepted by the OPP and the MoT. 

7) As big proponents of TNR we are asking our members to keep this political agenda in mind and do their best to be especially ‘Tight and Right’ at all time to help show the world this really can work.